Quick Setup Guide

Step 1: Building the engine

You can start building Bridger Trains engine and tracks. Search "Bridger Trains" YouTube channel and check out the video tutorial called "Assembling Guide" and "Tablet Setup Guide (Android)" or "Tablet Setup Guide (iOS)" for step-by-step construction.


Step 2: Turning on the engine

Insert six single-use 1.5V AA batteries to the battery holder and plug in the DC jack to the motor driver's socket to turn on Raspberry Pi® in the engine. When you turn on Raspberry Pi®, its built-in Wi-Fi is configured to start communication with your tablet.


Step 3: Downloading the app

Download VNC viewer® app to your tablet at Google Play or at App Store.


Step 4: Pairing the tablet and the engine

Open the Wi-Fi setting in your tablet and connect to “Engine A” access point in the network list. If you want to play with multiple engines, connect to either one of “Engine B, C, D ...” access points in the network list.


Step 5: Running the sample code

Open VNC viewer® app and it lets your tablet see the desktop of Raspberry Pi® in the engine. Create a new connection setting within VNC viewer® app. Provide the address at "" and the password "stemtoys" for this setting. Using this connection setting to log in to Raspberry Pi® desktop with the default user ID of "pi" and the password "raspberry" so the app allows remote control of Raspberry Pi® in the engine.


Open the folder at the top left on Raspberry Pi® desktop, and open the "Controllers" folder. Then, open the "MotorDriver.py" sample code. Click "Run current script" button, and the controller panel appears so you can change the direction and speed to run the engine. Have fun!

Video Tutorials