Engine Kit

Product Details:


Bridger Trains engine opens the world to where imagination and technology intersect.


The fun starts by building the Bridger Trains engine and the track it runs on. Children bring the engine to life - on their own - by simply downloading VNC viewer® app on their tablet and running the sample codes.


From there, the sky is the limit. Children can write their own code to modify the operation and control of Bridger Trains. They can add Lionel® or Lego® train cars if they like. Create your own buildings and theme your train layout.


Each Engine Kit includes all the pieces including the brick pieces and the electronics module to build the engine.

Color Type:


"Blue" Metroliner

Passengers in major metro cities trust the mighty engine to take them to and from work, home and all places in between.


"Green" Freightliner

Need to pull heavy cargo across the mountains? The Freightliner is the engine for you!


"Red" Bay Area Transport

Start your city's story by building the Bay Area Transport to move passengers throughout your busy metropolis on time!


"Yellow" Super Chief

Spark the imagination as the Super Chief cruises coast to coast!

Engine measurement:

Length 450mm x Height 120mm x Width 65mm


Engine Kit includes the following:

- Brick parts and decal set for one Bridger Train engine

- Couplers and Wheels for Lionel® or Lego®

- pre-programmed micro-SD card

- 4Tronix Robohat motor controller

- Raspberry Pi Zero WH®


Not included in the kit:

- 6 single-use 1.5v AA batteries

- 1 tablet (compatible with most iOS and Android devices)

- track pieces (16 curve rails for making an oval track)


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Engine Kit

Choose your favorite color type of Bridger Trains engine!

Engine Kit


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Small pieces choking hazard. Not recommended for under 10 years.

Bridger Trains contain small pieces which might present a choking hazard. Not for children under 10 years of age.